India is Outdoing Trump Already When it Comes to Borders

Watch out Trump India is out doing you when it comes to border walls. While Donald Trump would like to claim that he becomes president, he will build a border along the Mexican and United States border to keep infiltration from the south occurring. Well in India they have had similar issues with people infiltrating the country from Pakistan so they have activated 8 laser walls that will act as a border and infiltration prone areas.

No these laser fences or laser borders or laser walls or whatever you want to call them or what you’re thinking they’re not big laser beam shooting a crossed between two reactors and they will not cut you in half if you touch them. They will, however, allow remote monitoring of the area via GPS satellites and other transmission devices installed within the borders that will allow for authorities to know when infiltration has occurred or has been attempted.

Don’t let Donald Trump find out about this though he might get some crazy idea about installing actual laser beams along the Mexican border. Maybe he could get Dr.Evil to fund them and have a trench surrounding it that has sharks with laser beams on the freaking heads as well.


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