iPad, iPhone, and Now I Present… iPoo

If you are tired of all this s*** Apple has been giving you for years then you can give it right back to Apple. Well actually you can’t give s*** to Apple the company themselves, but you can take a s*** on something that looks like an apple. It’s called the iPoo, and it is the thing to do!

An intricate designer by the name of Milos Paripovic has designed a completely functional sleek and impressive instrument of a toilet. The iPoo could be just the thing for you. If you’re looking for something more modern to stick in your bathroom with an elegant design that is sure to captivate anybody who sees it, then this is it.

It resembles a tabletop air freshener for its tank fitted by a contoured but bottom that looks like either an apple or an angry dog’s face. Perhaps you could name your iPoo Rex. It’s not a toilet seat made of gold, but it is definitely one to be a conversation piece for anybody who chooses to install the iPoo in their home or office.


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