Iran is Testing Long Range Missiles

Iran defied US sanctions by testing long-range missiles this week . The country will not pay a toll to anyone and stands against excessive demands! This is how the Leader of Iran feels about sanctions placed on Iran by the United States of America. He even referred to America as his main enemies. Why would this be? Is it because they hate Hollywood and the way that we are as a nation? Or, is it something more?

Could it be perhaps our political leaders are over there stealing their oil and lands as well as murdering and doing pretty much whatever they see fit to anyone they want? Could it be that the same political leaders that torment, torture, and lie to the American public are over in another country? Somewhere around the world where we can’t see or witness what they’re doing tormenting and torturing others?

Iran claims that their nuclear development program is for power and defense. When push comes to shove, they shouldn’t have nuclear capabilities or technologies. I don’t believe that any one person has the right to tell another person what they can or can’t do. United States of America basically sold the technology to Iran in the eighties tried to take it back in the 90s and will sanction the hell out of them in the new millennium. It’s no wonder we have rough ties with this country.

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