Iron Man Got Pardoned for Heroin, Cocaine, and a Gun


If you have ever been convicted of a felony charge, you know that you lose some fundamental rights as a citizen. The right to bear arms, meaning you cannot own a gun for starters. The other right that you are guaranteed to lose is the right to vote. This applies to the rich and to the poor. Though sometimes being famous can get you out of trouble.

Even if you are a big time Hollywood star such as the notorious Iron Man, who saves the earth. It’s kind of ironic, a movie about American heroes such as the Avengers and Iron Man can’t even vote for the presidential election. Now we know why Captain America had such a problem with the Iron Man!


Robert Downey Jr has received a governor’s pardon for a drug conviction that he received back in 1996. This drug conviction sent him to prison. Iron Man was arrested for cocaine and heroin, possession plus a pistol. In 1999, Iron Man acknowledged violating his probation and spent nearly a year in prison.


Maybe this is where Robert Downey Jr found the inspiration behind being Iron Man. After all, he broke out of the prison walls in the movie so very convincingly. So kids it just goes to show you even the legendary Tony Stark can mess up and make mistakes.It’s all about how you live up to him and what you do in the future to determine what you’ve learned. After all, they say a mistakes only a mistake if you keep doing it.


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