Is Donald Trumps Campaign for Presidency a Hoax?


Donald trumps race for the presidency is nothing more than a social experiment. In all actuality, Donald Trump has no desire or intentions on becoming the next president of the United States. His whole campaign has simply been a social experiment to prove to the American people that they are racist, judgemental, arrogant and that they need to wake up and change their ways. This social experiment has already proven what he had set out to do which was to expose these individuals or allow them to expose themselves which they have done very well.


It seems the more derogatory more shocking and more offensive his statements get, the higher his ratings go and the more followers he gains. Donald Trump is a billionaire and can afford to take this type of time and spend this amount of money to prove something so shocking to the country and the world. Well, this may or may not be true, but it is starting to be the belief of more people each and every day.


People have finally stopped for a moment to ask themselves can this be real? Could we really be allowing such a racist and judgmental person into the race for the greatest power that one can hold within this nation? For those who see how horrible it would be to have a president as such have came to the conclusion that this must be the biggest social experiment of the 21st century.


Donald Trump is either playing a trick on the nation to prove a point and have the final laugh or America really needs to wake up and ask themselves if we will really allow this man to continue to fight for a place in the White House.


Meanwhile people are looking to block him from entering countries and from their internet browsers. The citizens of the UK have petitioned to have Donald Trump banned from their country, and the petition has received enough signatures that it will, in fact, be debated by parliament.


Many are so offended by Donald that it has prompted Google to create a filter for their Chrome browser that will filter Donald from the internet. Is his campaign real? Only time will really tell. The real question is what is the American people going to do if it is? If it is not?


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