Is Mother Nature is Pissed and Taking it Out on Bangladesh?

The shocking truth is lightning can be very beautiful to watch however it is very deadly. In what would seem to be an attack by Mother Nature 64 individuals have died from lightning strikes in Bangladesh in the last week. These are just the ones that we know of. A series of tropical storms have recently hit the country with excessive lightning strikes that are accountable for dozens of deaths.

It is believed that the increase in deaths from such storms as the ones that recently occurred is due to massive deforestation as well as the exposure of humans to metal devices such as smartphones. Forests and trees provide natural protection from dangerous storms such as those just seen in Bangladesh. Unfortunately over the last century we have done nothing but destroy these forests and it might just be what destroys us in the long run.

The truth is Mother Nature is a force not to be reckoned with. The more damage that we continue to do to her the more damage she will give back. There is a delicate balance for life on planet Earth and we must learn to respect what allows us to continue living if we do not chances are we will be our own undoing.


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