Is Russia’s President a Wartime Alien?


Vladimir Putin is not the man you think he is. In fact, he’s not a man at all according to some. There is now proof available; pictures included, that clearly help explain this discovery. The irony is that he hasn’t aged a day in any of the photos.


Maybe he is the  shapeshifting alien head of security for the world. Perhaps left behind to establish government on earth after the alien battle of 1561.


The first picture of Putin is from 1920 in military attire just after the end of the first world war. Coincidentally there was an increase in alien sightings around the world in the years to follow.


The second picture is from 1941 and shows Putin in military attire  during the time of World War 2. Coincidentally aliens crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947. Was this his ride back home to his planet?


The last photo of Putin in the series shows him again in military attire recently in 2015. Tensions are high right now and many fear that another major war is on the horizon. 2015 is also the same year that a UFO was shot down over Iran, which many claim was the workings of Vladimir himself.


The fact that he doesn’t seem to age in any of these pictures has to make you question his identity. So either Putin is an alien in human disguise who shows up in a time of war or maybe he is a vampire who has been hanging out with Nicholas Cage time traveling through history. Pictures of Cage were also discovered showing him not aging over the course of many years giving way to theories of immortality.


Nobody knows for sure about Vladimir Putin or Nicholas Cage, but one thing that is certain is that some famous people are either not of this earth or have amazing look-alikes throughout history. Only the lucky ones living on Mars know the real truths about Earths dirty history.

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