Is Smoking a Vape Pen Really Safer?

The shocking truth is vaping might not be healthier for you than smoking a cigarette. Not because of the smoking aspect but because they may cause harm in multiple different ways that a traditional cigarette cannot. For example, a traditional cigarette is not going to blow up in your mouth leaving a hole in your tongue burning your fingers and nearly blowing your face off.

This is exactly what happened to one unfortunate individual who is vaping in New York. Think twice before you go to put that vape pen in your pocket. If you have your ape pen in your pocket and happen to have some change rolling around inside of your pocket, the change rubbing on the vape pen can cause your lithium battery to malfunction.

This malfunction can lead to situations such as in some cases explosions. It is said that many of the devices out there use lithium batteries which are not equipped with the right chargers. On top of this, many people do not understand the safeĀ tTransportation and keeping of vape pens.

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