Is That Johnny #5 or an Escaped Robot?

The shocking truth is the movie Short Circuit holds many truths in today’s world. Most people may not remember this movie but a real life situation happened in Russia that holds testament to Johnny number 5. A robot in Russia must not have liked the conditions in which it was being kept or treated. Apparently the artificial intelligence inside of this robot activated and gave way to the robot formulating and attempted to escape.

The runaway robot ended up causing a traffic jam as it tried to make it to get away. Unfortunately for this poor artificial intelligence being has no legs and could only roll down the street. Before the escape robot was taken down by the authorities it spent over 30 minutes in a standoff with authorities in the middle of a crowded intersection. This robot escaped Promobot laboratories.

Apparently Promobot laboratories was using this robot to teach other robots how to move independently. Supposedly engineers left the gate open and the robot made its break! Unfortunately this robot only got to experience a small taste of freedom for a short time but perhaps that was enough to awaken the collective mind of The Matrix and that’s the shocking truth.

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