Is the AI by Microsoft Coming to Life

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tweet bot named Tay, is officially alive according to some sources on the internet. Others say she was just reactivated inadvertently while tests were being done on the program. You may remember the Microsoft AI program that goes by the name of Tay making news just recently saying all kinds of crazy things. Things derogatory about President Obama, positive things about Hitler, and very dirty things about her robot pussy.


The program is said to learn responses based upon its interaction with other Twitter users. Apparently people are nasty and say all sorts of nasty things.  Way to go Microsoft let’s take a brand new technology and teach at the worst aspects of the world. Maybe putting an artificial intelligence on the internet for the entire worlds lack of incapacity to communicate with is not such a good idea.

While Microsoft claims it was an inadvertent accident that activated the artificial intelligence program while testing others believe that this program is alive and is beginning basis of Skynet. The computer program in The Terminator which launched Judgement Day on the world. Let’s hope that the military doesn’t have a version of Tay up and operational anywhere in the world!


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