Is the Royal Prince William Gay?

Rumors are circulating the internet that the Royal Prince William may be gay despite the fact that he is married and has children. These rumors began to circulate after the world found out that Prince William is on the cover of a gay magazine called Attitude. The shocking truth is though however the Royal Prince is not gay. Evidently despite what the world may want you to think you don’t have to be gay to like gay people. So you’re probably wondering why the royal prince would have appeared on the front of an LGBT magazine when he is in fact not gay. Well, it’s for a simple and very honorable cause.

After meeting with a group of individuals in the LGBT community and learning about the daily bullying and abuse that they suffer he decided to conduct an interview with Attitude and appear on their front cover to help bring awareness and fight back against the hatred towards individuals in the LGBT community. The shocking truth is a random act of kindness like this from someone of his stature may or may not change how the world views and treats these individuals.



The shocking truth is we all need to come together and set aside our differences and realize that we are individuals for a reason it’s called individuality. It is the simplest of things in which you can respect in an individual. It shouldn’t matter who someone loves, and you should be happy that they found love end of story.


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