Is This Victoria Secrets Real Secret?

The shocking truth is Victoria Secret bras may just lead to one of the most embarrassing moments of your life. A new truth has been circling the internet as of recently in regards to how some of the older versions of Victoria Secret push-up bras are spontaneously exploding. That’s right women are wearing these brawls and mysteriously it appears that their boob begins to leak.

Well, I was wearing my VS push-up bra out for drinks one night when someone noticed a small stain on my shirt.

Some have luckily been at home when this has occurred but for others it has came at the most unfortunate of times. One woman even experience this during a job interview. Many of these women who have experienced this phenomenon have described it as being an oil like substance and are telling their stories on blogs across the internet. Maybe we now know the secret of Victoria.

I got home, took off my shirt, and noticed that only the left side of the bra was soaked in this weird oil. Once I realized it wasn't coming from me, I cut open the bra...

Maybe it’s not that she’s just hungry maybe it’s she’s got fake oily push-up bra boobs too. The shocking truth is if the soil substance were to be tested it would likely contain chemicals and other compounds that cause cancer as well as other illnesses.

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