ISIS Beamer Found Buried in A Cemetery

ISIS Beamer

ISIS Beamer

An ISIS Beamer in a cemetery?  Why would they bury a car? Did the aliens touch down and leave a sacred relic behind? Could it be one of the relics needed a 5 to ward off evil, and it returns to Earth? Highly doubtful. A strange relic was unearthed recently in a cemetery. I don’t know what was stranger, that a relic was unearthed at a cemetery or what this relic was and looked like. For more than six months this particular item/relic had baffled authorities.


Amor Ganor, who is the head authority with the Israel Antiques Authorities where he oversees the robbery prevention unit, set the item resembles a rolling pin kind of. After rigorous investigations to determine the device was not a bomb they released a picture to the public asking if anyone out there knew what the heck this was.


Theories bounced around the internet believed that it was left by aliens. Finally, someone came forth with the suggestion that held solidity to it. This was, in fact, a modern relic. We know this because it was found packaged in a foam container with cotton as an insulator and an antioxidant to protect it from corroding.


The next thing that was baffling is how it was buried and why was buried in the cemetery beyond what the heck it was. Micah Barak was the one who cleared the air letting everyone know that it was in fact, and Isis Beamer created by a German company. The ISIS Beamer is supposed to be built using sacred geometry.

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The unique shape of this item has a particular role it plays with geometric bodies. The ISIS Beamer was also incorporated into ancient Egyptian history. The ISIS Beamer was utilized as a headdress where pharaohs would wear one part of the ISIS Beamer. They would wear this as a crown that gave them in the light and knowledge from Supreme spirits. You be the judge and determine what you believe to be true about the ISIS Beamer. Who knows you might just get one to go with your copper bracelet!


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