Israeli Hiker Finds Super Rare Roman Empire Coin

What would you do if you are walking around and staring down at the ground and located what you thought was a bottle cap, and it turned out to be a rare gold coin? Would you jump up and down with excitement? Would you quickly put it in your pocket so that nobody knew about it? Well, chances are if you’re like me you’ll probably never have to worry about something like this happening to you. However, that’s not the case for an individual who was hiking in Israel.

While walking along Israeli native Lori Rimon saw what she thought was a bottle cap or perhaps a nickel. She stopped and picked it up. It turns out this is a rare gold coin that she found. So rare in fact that archeologists have stated they only know of one other that has the same symbols in the entire world. According to the print on the coin, it was struck by the Roman Emperor Trajan. This coin dated back to the year 107.

Finding this golden coin helps to distinguish and establish the presence of the Roman army in this area at a particular time. Back in the day, Romans would sometimes pay their soldiers with three gold coins instead of the regular 75 silver coins. When this was done a soldier could not buy anything with this coin because it was more money than was accepted at any local market. They would basically have to beg a paymaster to exchange their gold for something spendable. This happens to be one of those coins.

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