It’s a Bird Eat Bird and Plant Eat Bird Kind of World

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, it’s all going to the birds; then you might get a giggle out of this. The shocking truth is it’s not so safe to be a bird anymore. Even birds are being eaten by other birds. If that wasn’t enough, now plants are eating birds to. The world is going mad.

In what would seem to be an innocent gathering of pigeons and pelicans on a harmless day a pelican gets a little pissed off with the pigeon and eats that damn bird. I’m not talking about just nips and bites, this pelican ate the pigeon. Now there’s an exotic plant known as the pitcher plant. This damn thing is eating Birds to.

I think Monsanto and the federal government have gone too far with their mutant plants and cannibalistic pelicans. The program was supposed to be shut down. These exotic birds and plants are supposed to be gifts for foreign nationals that would end up eating them. The gift that keeps giving the one that eats anything near it.

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