It’s Either a Chemtrail or the Oddest Cloud I Have Ever Seen – You Decide


Monsanto is at it again. This time they are using their partners the federal government to do more bio-agricultural aeronautic experiments. Recently on a normal sunny summer day while playing volleyball and throwing frisbee a group of summertime fun seekers witnessed one of Monsanto’s horrible experiments gone wrong. At least that’s what many are saying. No one actually claimed the cloud nor are there any direct links to Monsanto or the federal government. This is just what common sense would tell somebody because clouds do not form this way.


They do not roll across the ground like this. Many know that these clouds are actually chemtrails that contain harmful levels of dangerous metals and other toxins. The toxins that are found within chemtrails are linked to lung cancers and many other horrible medical conditions that are common in the world today. This cloud is a virtual a rolling path of lung cancer for all of these innocent individuals that viewed it as a spectacle. In an essence most likely they were test subjects without even knowing it.

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