It’s Scary to Even Help Someone These Days

The shocking truth is many of us have a heart and like to help people who are homeless on the streets, but you better think twice before you think about doing this now days! From undercover police officers waiting to ticket you all the way to Psychopaths waiting to stab you to death homeless beggars and those who panhandle on street corners should not be trusted any longer.

Often try giving these individuals something like a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and watch the attitude you receive or even see them throw it back at you. Many of these people are drug addicts and psychopaths looking for a free handout. The unfortunate few that are on the streets do not usually panhandle on these corners because the ones who own these corners will beat them up or stab them or worse.




If you don’t believe this is true, then you are very naive as to what goes on in the world of homeless people. A young boy who was 17 years old gave a homeless man $2 recently and was stabbed to death for this nice deed. He never will be able to help anybody again because of trying to help the psychotic homeless person, and that’s the shocking truth!



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