Jurassic Sized Plants Could Be a Thing of the Future

Climate change is inevitably going to affect everything on this planet. In a Jurassic world, plants were much larger due to this climate. The same type of climate that existed during the Jurassic period could come back once again and alter evolution as we know it or at least as we would predict it. Imagine if common things such as lizards, birds of prey, and plants grew to Jurassic proportions once again.

This could actually happen, and there are plants you would not think of that are just waiting to kill you! What are the most obvious would be the Venus flytrap. Could you imagine a 6 to 12-foot Venus fly trap? If a person was to walk within a close enough striking distance, the Venus flytrap could become a Venus human-eating plant.


Imagine what it would be like to be slowly digested inside the mouth of a plant! Other plants such as the Doll’s Eye, drosera capensis, and the Christmas Rose are just a few of the others that would be waiting to eat you through to the next journey of life.

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