Kanye West Said What

We all know how important things in this world are today, and nobody knows this more than Kanye West. Setting the pace for the rest of the world by telling everyone his favorite song of 2015 was Justin Bieber What Do You Mean. Also, while having such Exquisite taste in music Kanye further goes on to show his amazing talent to redesign NBA mascots by asking Steve Ballmer if he could take the Clippers mascot and redesign it.

Apparently Kanye West is not a fan of Chuck the Condor. Kanye West I do believe we should make a national holiday for this man. The world should stop spinning, and everyone should bow before him and tell him that he’s the greatest individual who ever lived on the face of the planet, and we worship him. We should throw rose petals at his feet and name all of our children after him.

Every first born child in America should be named Kanye West. Give me a break with somebody get rid of his douche bag already! How long will we have to endure this crap? Kanye used to be a good artist before his head got fat! Spaceship and No Church in The Wild were great tracks. What happened to Kanye? Do you think he got worse when he hooked up with Kim K?

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