Katies Crotch Keeps Coming Up Missing

Residents that live in a small town located in Maine are gathering to decide whether or not to change the name of the street. This particular Street has cost the town hundreds of dollars each year on several occasions. A lucid road sign that keeps going missing is named Katies Crotch Road. Apparently someone named Katie in the area has a lot of boyfriends that like the road sign for Katies Crotch Road.

No one’s actually sure how the name KatieS Crotch Road got to be there in the first place which is kind of peculiar. Perhaps you can go into any small town and just make a roadside of your own like Weiner Cutoof Rd and the next thing you know it’s an actual road name.

So if you happen to see Katies Crotch Road and there’s a road sign there, don’t steal it. Those signs cost hundreds of dollars. We have asked many different Katies how they feel about this, and they would also like it if you would refrain from stealing the Katies Crotch Road sign. Evidently this has been a long going issue for many years as back in 2012 a motion to rename the road failed to pass.

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