Kerry, Ireland May Just Save Your A** Next


Perhaps you have heard the phrase Be like Mike. That’s not always the case however. You don’t want to be like Mike this time. Let’s just say the best thing about this story was seeing the ass smile. Have you ever seen an ass smile? Well of course you have because you’ve see it all! For those of you out there however that have not had the pleasure of seeing an ass smile you will love this story. An ass got out during a heavy storm and managed to get stuck in rising flood waters.

Mike, Mike, Hey Mike, Do You Know What Day It Is

It’s the day to save you ass in Kerry, Ireland. A donkey in Kerry, Ireland is very lucky to have survived being stuck in the mud, in a flood. The animal Haven Rescue Center that is located in Kerry, Ireland was telephoned about a donkey that was drowning. A few individuals that volunteered armed with a small boat and emergency flotation device set out to rescue the ass.


Friends to the Rescue

The rescue center ended up naming the ass Mike. It’s not every day that you pull a donkey from the mud in a flood but the lucky owner of Mike was overwhelmed that these volunteers came to the rescue to save a stranded ass. It just goes to show that Kerry, Ireland is a great place to be. You never know when a friend or neighbor might come to the rescue to save your ass there.


The Day Was Saved and Mike Was Safe

Everyone was excited as they really busted their arse to save that ass Mike! Mike is enjoying some warm mash and a hot blanket at the rescue center and is one happy ass. See the video here, of the heroes who may just one day, save your ass.

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