Kids of Cannabis Consumers are Being Kidnapped in Kansas

Children are being abducted and it’s not by aliens! They are being abducted by DCF in the state of Kansas. That’s right DCF in the state of Kansas is stealing people’s children. In particularly they are stealing the children of those in the cannabis community. This is the case for Shona Banda and for Raymond Schwab. Both of these individuals have had their children basically kidnapped from them by state officials or DCF if you will.

One of these individuals is a mother who was treating Crohn’s disease utilizing cannabis oil as an alternative to the dangerous and deadly prescription Pharmaceuticals such as opiates and tranquilizers. The other is a United States Navy veteran who was treating PTSD by utilizing cannabis as an alternative choice to deadly and dangerous pharmaceutical prescription drugs. Both of these individuals have their children taken from them by DCF.

The United States Navy veteran who had his children taken from him has experienced one worse. Allegedly while in the custody of the state of Kansas his daughter was molested and his son was placed in a psychiatric facility. Apparently not only does the state of Kansas kidnap children but they torture them as well! We as people of the United States of America need to stand up to the tyrants and criminals in office and hold them accountable for their actions. It is our duty as citizens of this great country to keep it great, and make it honest, and that means making individuals including politicians pay for their crimes! The shocking truth 9 times out of 10 is that this state official pricks will get away with it!

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