Killer Asian What are Headed Where?

The shocking truth is wars today are not battled as they were traditionally battled out in the past. You will not have armies of humans clashing together with swords in hand or even walls of firearms firing at one another. Most weapons today will be based on biological chemical and weather attacks. A great example is an Asian hornet. The deadly insect has already made its mark taking victims in France.

Now in a public outcry, England has reportedly spotted the venomous killers from Asia! Citizens are told to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and anything that flies or any bugs that bite. The chances of death are very high for anyone who is bitten by these killer Asian Hornets.

There is rumor speculating across the internet in chat rooms that these killer Asian Hornets are the work of none other than the leader of North Korea! No matter where you live or who you are I would be vigilant of anything that resembles one of this killer Asian Hornets you don’t want to get bit by one and that is the shocking truth!

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