Killing Whales in the Name of Research is Disgusting

The Japanese are at it defying America yet again! Well, not exactly America, this time, they are instead defying the United Nations, who has a legally-binding ban that has been placed on Japan’s whaling ships and their activities. Statistics show that since 12-1-2015 the Japanese Institute for Cetacean Research aka the ICR made an announcement that they have killed 333 whales since December 1st of 2015.

More than 90% of these were females that were pregnant. 103 males and 230 females met their demise to these Japanese whaling vessels that are in the Antarctic ocean slaughtering minke whales! The loophole allowing this absurd behavior to go on is one that allows for whaling as long as it is being done in the name of progress and scientific research!

As the Director of the Australian Marine conservative Society Darren Kindley-Sides so elegantly and perfectly put it. “All information can be collected from whales using non-lethal means.” Wake up Japan and stop slaughtering Mother Earth! Was bombing Pearl Harbor, poisoning the air quality, and ruining the Earths oceans with your disastrous Nuclear Power Plant not enough?

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