Labrador Saves 7 After Ecuador Earthquake

The shocking truth is real hero sometimes are not always people sometimes they have four legs and fur. In this case, a superhero was a yellow Labrador named Dayco. Recently in Pedernales Ecuador, an earthquake of a catastrophic level struck hitting 7.8 on the Richter scale. This earthquake leveled buildings and destroyed lives.

When it came to the search-and-rescue efforts, people began looking for survivors immediately. The search and rescue section of the fire department located in Ecuador had a 4 year old rescue dog. This amazing and courageous yellow Labrador had been working with the fire services for three and a half years prior to the earthquake.

Dayco help to rescue seven people from the rubble of this catastrophe. Unfortunately, Dayco collapsed allegedly from exhaustion. The poor yellow Labrador had worn itself out looking for people through the chaotic rubble and was said to have died from massive coronary myocardial infraction and acute respiratory failure. Some wonder if it was the toxins and chemicals in the debris that ended up taking the life of this courageous Labrador.


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