Landing Rockets in Water is Necessary for Earth’s Evacuation


Landing a space rocket is one thing. Landing a space rocket on a remote controlled drones ship in the middle of the ocean is another task all on its own. Why would somebody try to land a rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean? This is a good question. SpaceX is attempting to do just this in their continued effort to prepare for the inevitable doomsday of the planet. With the polar ice caps melting at rates never seen before and global warming is causing flooding around the world. Scientists and specialists know the Earth is going to end up much like the movie 2012 predicted, and that is covered in water.


These floating platforms will need to be able to land and launch space rockets to evacuate the dying planet. Without land mass, there will be no vegetation on the planet to help feed the world. This will lead to starvation and worse the mixing of all the fresh water with salt water making it undrinkable. Without fresh water and vegetation, life as we know it will cease to exist. This is why stringent efforts are being made by corporations to carry mankind into space.

rocket 2

From moon bases to Mars man will start to expand into the galaxy in the coming years. It is an inevitable fact that humankind has destroyed what took millions of years to create pretty much in less than a few hundred years. The devastating rate that humankind is destroying the planet currently is much like the way a virus destroys the human body. Only the earth is the body, and we are the virus. We must change our ways, or our ways will change us.

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