Legal Lethal Injections of Black Market Drugs

There are several states within the United States that still allows for the death penalty. The shocking truth is though many of these states are utilizing lethal injection but do not have stringent regulations regarding the compounds that can be utilized in the injections. In fact, many states are being forced to the gray or black markets to obtain the compound that they will use for lethal injections.

This is due to many drug manufacturers implementing guidelines that prevent the sale of common barbiturates and opiates along with other drugs to entities that could utilize them for lethal injections and capital punishment. The latest company to enact such guidelines is Pfizer, who is one of the most notorious pharmaceutical companies in the world as they are the manufacturer of many commonly prescribed Pharmaceuticals.

The shocking truth is we may never truly know what they utilize in lethal injections as these entities can no longer purchase their lethal drugs from FDA-licensed drug dealers.


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