Life Without H20 Would Change Everything We Know

Imagine for a second if you will the shocking truth that without water, life as we know it would STOP! We live in a planet that is running dry. The most precious resource on the planet is running out and all the world leaders and thinkers can do is worry about money still! Instead of turning our thoughts towards a solution to a problem that exists that no one wants to admit is real or recognize! Xbox 1 and PS4.5 are breaking grounds in video gaming technology. That will do nobody any good when we are all dead! Do these companies seem to be worried about that at all?

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No they aren’t, its business as usual until the air is no longer breathable and the water has run dry! You would think that companies that have such an influence around the world would help to save the planet that we have so that in the future people will be alive to buy and play their games. But nope, that’s not the case at all. The same thing goes with major manufacturers around the world. Why won’t these companies think of new ways to collect, store, and distribute water?  Do they not care if people are alive in the future to buy their products and services? Apparently not!

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The average American waste an astonishingly large amount of water per day. An estimated 100 gallons of water per person. This is insane. My family sees this problem and we have learned to use less than 100 gallons a day between all 6 of us! In fact, we use less than 100 gallons a day for all 6 of us to shower, flush toilets, and wash dishes. Why the rest of America cannot do this is because they are a bunch of spoiled brats that have to have dishwashers and flush a toilet every time they pee! I wish there was a way that they could suffer first when the planet runs dry. They won’t though. We all will! The shocking truth is our planet is running out of water and people don’t seem to give a Phuck!

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