Light Up Shoes Go Up in Flames – Payless Pulls From Shelves

Everybody who has kids has seen the light up shoes, and chances are your child has asked you for a pair of these. Now if you’re like most parents, you would like to try to keep up with the trends for your children and may have broke down and bought them a pair of these light up shoes. The moment your child slipped into these light up shoes they ran around like their feet were on fire! Back and forth lighting up the day and night.

The problem with these light up shoes is your child may be running around like their feet are on fire because they actually are. The shocking truth is companies that produce these products will hide dangerous information in order to market and sell their product.

It’s all about profit. Payless Shoes recently pulled all of their light up shoes from their shelves. This comes in a response to an allegation that a families toddler shoes caught fire. The child thankfully wasn’t wearing the shoes. There’s no mistaking that these shoes definitely were on fire. These little mermaid light up shoes definitely weren’t underwater.


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