Lochness Monster Finally Discovered and Pulled From Bottom of Sea

The Lochness monster is one creature that almost everyone has heard at one point in their life. In case, you haven’t heard about this creature let me enlighten you. In 1934, a London-based doctor took a distorted picture of a creature in the Freshwater Lake in the Scottish Highlands known as Loch Ness that appeared to look like a water based dinosaur with a long slender neck. The creature is said to be humpbacked and has gained the name “Nessie” over the years. Since this original sighting, there have been hundreds of other similar reports, yet no evidence has ever been conclusive.

Despite the fact that no evidence truly exists, a Norwegian company currently has a robotic submarine searching the freshwater lake in hopes of changing that and that is exactly what they did. Or at least they thought so. On Wednesday they stated that they “had found remains meeting the beast’s description, lying on a crest in the watery depths of Loch Ness.” Unfortunately, what this robotic submarine found was the “long lost model of Nessie which was used during the filming of the 1970’s movie “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.”

For now, all we can do is keep looking and if you happen to be near Loch Ness make sure to keep your camera handy. You never know when you might be the one to finally prove the story to be true or just another myth!

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