Luna Was Lost at Sea and Miraculously Saved by the Navy

Sometimes shocking news isn’t always bad news. Sometimes a good shocking truth has a warm-hearted ring to it. If you are an animal lover than this is a story that will touch your heart just a little. A German Shepherd Husky mix by the name of Luna was out on her owners shipping boat in February when the worst possible thing imaginable occurred to Luna. Luna went overboard by accident and was unnoticed by crew.

That’s right Luna who is an 18 month old German Shepherd Husky mix was stranded by herself in the ocean. Luna ended up on a naval base and was safely returned to her master. The owner and the Navy searched for this dog for a week. The search was eventually called off.

The island Luna swam 2 miles to get to was used by the military for practice bombing. It was also hit with two El Nino storms over the course of five weeks. Luna survived by eating dead fish that had washed up on the island until she was rescued by Navy crew that was on the island for practice.

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