Major Elizabethkingia Disease Disease Outbreak in Wisconsin is Spreading

A new mysterious and strange sounding virus outbreak has occurred causing a deadly infection to break out and spread to a second state. Is this horrible epidemic which causes death has now sickened over 50 people in the state of Wisconsin. Elizabethkingia disease named after a young girl named Elena’s mother who lives in Wisconsin has stricken people everywhere.

Actually, it’s not named after Elena’s mother her name just so happens to be Elizabeth King. The CDC is hailing the disease as a mysterious deadly infection that has not only taken lives in Wisconsin, but now it has reached Michigan. Of the 50 people in Wisconsin who contracted this mysterious disease 17 of them died. This particular type of disease does not normally affect people and never has affected people on this scale.

The disease attacks weakened immune systems causing shortness of breath, fever, and chills. The cases where death occurred in Wisconsin are scattered across counties such as Dane, Columbia, Fond du Lac, Jefferson, Milwaukee, salt, Racine, Sheboygan, Waukesha, Washington, and Dodge Counties. If you live near these areas please be vigilant and take extreme caution. Remember hygiene is key to health and a healthy immune system will save your life.

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