Man Arrested Over Freddy Got Fingered VHS Tape

James Myers got fingered in North Carolina while being in possession of an allegedly stolen copy of Freddy Got Fingered! That’s right James Myers was allegedly harboring the stolen VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered in his vehicle. In 2002, a video store owner asked to press charges against James Myers for not returning Freddy Got Fingered. More than 14 years later police we’re running James Myers license for a busted tail light when the warrant popped up.

James was taking his daughter to school. Cops were very awesome about the whole situation allowing him to take his daughter to school and later turned himself in at the precinct. James turned himself in and is now out on bond. Tom Green did an awesome thing by stepping up and saying if the fine is 200 bucks of course I’ll pay it for him for the principle of the thing. In an essence, James Myers Got Fingered for having Freddy Got Fingered in the back of his vehicle. I don’t know what’s more to be considered the shocking truth in this story?

Is it the fact that he was arrested on a warrant 14 years later or the fact that he still had a VHS tape in his vehicle? Many of us have paid an ungodly amount of late fees for turning video rentals in late back in the day, but this has to be one that will go into the books!

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