Man Believes He is God Thor and You Won’t Believe What He Did


Florida man that lived in Melbourne was apparently batshit high on a very dangerous drug known as Flakka! He is accused with the crime of attempting to assault a police officer. It gets even better or should I say worse. He claimed that he is God. Kenneth Crowder is 41 years old and also was arrested after running through a neighborhood naked and having sex with a tree. That gives a whole new meaning to junk in your trunk!


An officer was called out to investigate and when he confronted the man he was attacked. The man claimed that he was God and punched the cop. He also tried to stab the officer with the officers very own police badge. The officer fought back and apparently punched this Kenneth Crowder. Upon the first punch he went from being God to being Thor! So don’t do drugs in Florida stay off of hard drugs altogether and don’t abuse drugs or you might think you are a God Thor and end up punching a cop!

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