Man Gets Thrown a Bone and Receives Successful Penis Transplant

The shocking truth is they finally have a cure for small penises. This is correct you heard right if you have a small penis and would like a larger one for whatever reason then you can now have one. There are medical conditions out there that the shocking truth about them is you can lose your penis.

This was the unfortunate case for a gentleman by the name of Thomas Manning, who is a 64-year-old bank worker from Halifax Massachusetts. He became the first person in United States of America to receive a penis transplant. The donated penis came from a deceased man. Thomas had lost his penis due to cancer. The story that may bring a giggle to some has a very serious note though.

Giving somebody back something others would take for granted is priceless. The implements of the surgery should the experimental procedure be successful are endless. Combat veterans, cancer patients, and accident victims alike could all see great benefits from surgeries such as this.


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