Martin Shkreli – The Prick Raised an AIDS Drug Overnight and Bought the Only Copy of a Wu-Tang Album – Now He’s Out on Bail

prick 2

This just in! White man arrested for spending 2 million dollars on the only copy of the Wu-Tang album! That’s not true. This is the same little prick that raised the price of a life-saving AIDs medication from $13 to over $700 in one night. This is not what the little prick was arrested for either. The ex-pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli
made waves on the internet after being released on a 5 million dollar bond. He is being charged with securities fraud for shady involvement in a hedge fund. These individuals are the problem with America.


They have a ridiculous amount of money to do with whatever they please. His arrest has led to a ripple effect that is in an essence causing chaos amongst many and costing millions of dollars. Two labs that were running clinical trials for potential leukemia treatments based on recommendations from his company have indefinitely suspended these trials. When confronted on national television with the question would he change the price of this life altering medication so that doctors and patients could have access to it he looked at the cameras with a smile and said no! Martin Shkreli is due back in court in January of 2016.

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