Mass Grave Discovered Thought to be Followers of Cylon- Greek Athlete

Governments around the world have sucked for years. Evidence of this can be seen throughout the history of the individuals who have attempted to overthrow said governments. One story of how an individual tried to overthrow the government comes in the form of the story of the ancient Greek athlete by the name of Cylon.

Cylon came from a noble family in Athens and became a star athlete after he won the double foot race during the Olympic Games. Wanting to utilize his 15 minutes of fame he attracted followers to take the Acropolis. In a shocking discovery, archeologists have stumbled upon a mass grave near Athens. These mass graves contained the skeletal remains of 80 men who are thought to be Cylon’s followers.

The skeletal remains had teeth that were still in good condition and researchers have dated them to be from between 675 and 650 BC. The men were in these graves in a straight line, and almost half of them had their hands tied with iron shackles. Researchers are working around the clock to try and pinpoint and solidify their current theory surrounding this mass grave containing almost three-thousand-year-old skeletons.

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