Mayhem Where? Mayhem Everywhere!

Mayhem was spotted on the freeway driving a rental Prius. This Mayhem was wearing a pink suit and listening to Katy Perry while causing a WuTang ruckus on the 111. With glitter on the eyes so heavy it was blowing onto other driver’s windshields causing crashes and colors so loud altogether it was deafening. To cause more chaos on the freeway this lively individual was releasing balloons with happy notes and $10 bills in them. Who was this mystery person? The world has no clue. The bright green hair, pink suit, glitter and Katy Perry has led many to believe that this mystery person is Kim Jun Un II.

That was the only speculation though due to a K-Pop song that began playing after Fireworks. What was even stranger is that this mystery person then stopped by a fast food chain buying everyone their food. Of course, this led to many wondering just who this was. Some say that it was Psy, some say it was Johnny Depp, some are even suggesting that it was Obama. After all, since Obama tried to jump the fence at the White House, you can’t put anything past him.

Then there are those with a completely different theory. They believe that this Mayhem was none other than Donald Trump in disguise. It is reported that Donald Trump likes to be human and is also having a meltdown of his own after the media reported on his children failing to be registered to vote for their father. It is not every day that you run for president. When your children do not even acknowledge you, it can cause you to have a meltdown and pull out your alter ego Mayhem. Mayhem was last seen with Bruce Jenner.

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