McDonalds Shocks America with This Christmas Decoration


Some say McDonald’s has gone too far with their Christmas decorations this time while others rejoice. Celebrating Christmas in America, has been a tradition that is enjoyed for generations. However, in today’s politically correct America, it can be considered offensive to say Merry Christmas to someone who is not of the Christian faith.

When conducting business those who choose to acknowledge the holidays amongst clients and prospective clients have grown fond of the term happy holidays. This does not leave out any one particular group or offend somebody who is not Christian.

A McDonalds located in Spring Hill Tennessee boldly posted “His Name is Jesus” as well as the word “Rejoice” along with a nativity scene on the window of their dining room. America at one time was one nation under God, but it appears this is changing.

Luckily we still have freedom, the freedom to choose whether this offends you or not. If you find this offensive, then perhaps you live in the wrong country! America is about freedom!

Should you feel the need to bring this to the attention of authorities, please contact the FBI and tell them that you do not approve of Christmas or the promotion of Jesus. Let them know you’d like to file a complaint. You will be directed to A special department dedicated to monitoring your complaints and assuring that they’re properly addressed.


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