Medicare Doesn’t Pay for Basic Health Needs of Our Elderly

Medicare is supposed to provide security for the elderly population after retirement. This government and taxpayer-funded social program offers coverage for many health care services and procedures, but the shocking truth is it doesn’t cover many of the common and most needed services by the elderly population. As your body ages, there are common things that no longer work like they used to.

One of those is your eyesight. Medicare will not pay for many of the basic services related to eyesight health. That’s right simple things such as an eye exam, or eyeglasses will have to be covered out of your own pocket. Another common occurrence among the elderly is the loss of hearing. It is estimated that almost half of adults over the age of 75 have some type of hearing issue. The services of Medicare in some cases will pay for the diagnostic tests to determine if there are issues with your hearing but if issues are found chances are your treatment will be out of pocket.

How is it that a program that has billions of dollars influxed into it each year and only provides the bare minimum continues to see budget cuts each and every year? The shocking truth that the government doesn’t give a s*** about us as long as they are making a dollar.

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