Meteor Shower or Alien Invasion? You Decide

This month we had a meteor shower that lit up the skies according to space agencies and amateur astronomers. Others, however, have a different theory on what was lighting up the skies. The alien invasion that has been going on in our planet for decades is coming to a pivotal point where is becoming noticeable. The planet’s resources are running dry, and world leaders are at war around the globe.

This is causing the alien ambassadors that have been overseeing the nonhostile takeover of the planet earth to prepare for the final phase. This final phase is the bringing of an invasion army to finish off Earth’s existence as well as an evacuation process due to the dying planet. Alien ships that were flying back and forth this month were heading  to Earth’s moon during the meteor shower this month. Coincidentally next month is another meteor shower in which the alien vessels are said to be completely visible due to the new moon.

The size of the evacuation and the amount of the alien presence here on Earth is so large that all of the ships will not be able to make it out of sight in time. Therefore, they are not even trying. Their assumption is that humanity is too stupid to realize what is right in front of their eyes. Apple is conducting the landing pad construction for the mothership that is coming sometime in the near future. You can see the construction of this landing pad in their new mega-billion-dollar facility.


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