Mile-High Priceline CEO Resigns

The shocking truth is everyone wants to join the mile high club. For those who are not familiar with what the mile high club is to put it simply, it’s getting laid on an airplane while it’s flying up above. Evidently Priceline CEO was getting some really good deals on airplane tickets while helping others find cheap flights. This isn’t whats shocking though.

Whats shocking is the Priceline CEO  has stepped down and resigned from the his duties at the corporation after rumors allegedly surfaced involving him having an affair with an employee. The investigation into these rumors has prompted the individual to step down from his position.

What’s not shocking is we all like to get laid even the CEOs of major corporations. What may be shocking though is the fact that whether or not you are a corporate CEO or someone who flips burgers at McDonald’s no one likes it when people start digging into their personal relationships.

Darren Huston’s resignation goes into effect immediately. His interim successor was announced as Jeffrey Boyd. A search has began for his long term successor. This resignation will also include his resignation from as well. Chief Operating Officer Gillian Tans will become the new CEO with that corporation.

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