Mini-Kanye Finds Mini-Kim Kardashian Dead

Kim Kardashian, is dead and the whole world is sad. Actually Kim Kardashian is dead, and many people truly are sad but it’s not the Kim Kardashian that’s married to Kanye West. The Kim Kardashian that I am referring to is a Las Vegas performer and impersonator that is known as the mini Kim Kardashian. Kim Tripp is a 32 year old performer who made a living by mimicking Kim Kardashian.

To make matters even a little more heated mini Kim Kardashian’s body was found by none other than mini Kanye West. Apparently the pint-size performers worked in the same show at the Beacher’s Madhouse located at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Resort. So I wonder if the real Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are bothered slightly or at all that their miniature mini me’s are going through such pain.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the future. Kim Kardashian, the real one, of course, had better step up her protection just to be on the safe side. Although there was no evidence of foul play, the coroner is not releasing a cause of death. Could it be drugs? Could it be alcohol? Could it be something more? The shocking truth is the world may never know!

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