Minion or Navy Sea Diver?

The shocking truth about our oceans is they hold many things that we do not understand and then again there are some things that we do understand. Divers have been reporting an odd new trend. As they, have been scuba diving on coral reefs and such they have reported seeing other divers that look like minions. Some people believe they were losing their mind and that perhaps they were having oxygen deprivation while scuba diving.

Immediately they would return to the surface. They would not see ships nearby or signs of any scuba divers nearby so this led to the illusion they were hallucinating. This worried many people and frightened some severely. It turns out these are navy divers.

Officially known  as the Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD), the helmet has a built in heads up display to allow operators to send live video to divers while underwater.

The Navy has conducted new diving experiments with a helmet that is futuristic and resembles that of a minion. These new helmets offer a wide variety of upgrades that provide many technological advantages to divers.


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