Mobsters + Officers of the Law = What?

In the state of Illinois, they have a history that is deep with heritage involving the nation’s first President Abraham Lincoln. They also have a history that ties into politics with notorious individuals such as Al Capone, Elliot Ness, and other mobsters and officers of the law. When you mix mobsters and officers of the law together what do you get? Politicians of course! Apparently this is a piece of tradition and history when it comes to the state of Illinois and those who hold the title of Governor.

4-7 of the last governors in the state of Illinois have served prison sentences for all sorts of crimes mostly around corruption. The current governor right now is no exception. He is a pharmaceutical company’s dream date. They don’t even have to take him to a fancy restaurant. He’s so cheap he just puts out right away. Unless you ask anybody, who is trying to gain access to Illinois’ medical marijuana program. Ask them and they will tell you that Governor Rauner is straight up difficult. His support of the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical companies that make dangerous and deadly narcotics is evidently obvious in his lack of effort to progress the state’s cannabis program.

With opiate overdose rates going through the roof in the state of Illinois, you would think the governor would jump at the chance to reduce those rates by as much as 25%. Although that means the pharmaceutical companies would lose money and so would he. I mean he does own a pharmaceutical company that raised the life-saving heart medication for premature infants by 1300 percent. How come it didn’t make the news like the little prick that raised the life-saving medication for AIDS? I bet it’s because he didn’t spend 2 million dollars on a Wu-Tang Clan album!


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