Modern Day Pied Piper and the Rats He Leads


You dirty rat! Actually for real you dirty rat, how dare you try to fool us with pizza rat and selfie taking rat. Apparently there are those who have a lot of spare time and like to train rats. I found the surprising, so I started doing some research into these type of individuals. It was kind of like something out of sadistic kids movie come to life.


Apparently there was a large group of scientists in the eighties and nineties that were conducting experiments on utilizing rats as weaponized warfare. These rats were able to chew through steel, live in harsh conditions and could carry deadly viruses delivering biological and chemical attacks.


The were also said to be trained to be lethal in rat to human combat. Upon the beginning of the Obama Administration, the unique team of scientists known as the Rat Force was shut down. Since this time, many of this scientist have mysteriously disappeared or passed away. The ones who are accounted for are under government protection and not allowed to speak with the press.

However, the individual behind the notorious rat pictures sweeping the Internet is currently being sought after by authorities. Authorities are looking to question this individual as to why they are training these rats in the secret ways of the Rat Force. Should you see, a rat taking a selfie beware these rats are very dangerous, and so are the mastermind mad scientists that are nearby!

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