Monsanto is Killing the World One Bite At a Time


Your food is poisoned! That’s right I said your food is poisoned, and that’s what I meant. Unless you are utilizing the 100% organic lifestyle to the fullest, you are being fed food in an essence that is killing you. Especially those who eat frozen foods, canned foods, and an allotment of junk foods and snacks found it every store virtually everywhere. There’s a group or better yet a corporation behind the poisoning of these foods. They are a bio-agricultural science company / Corporation that goes by the name of Monsanto!


They mislabel foods, use dangerous chemicals and pesticides that are known to cause cancer and many other illnesses, and are rumored to be partnered with Big Pharma. The partnership goes two ways. Monsanto poisons the people, Big Pharma, gives the medication and recommends a fat-free, healthy diet with heart check certified foods and healthy name brands such as Jiff peanut butter and Smucker’s jams and jellies. These foods are actually destroying our health and cutting our life span shorter every time we consume them.


We’ve lost our ways. Gardening, farming and other means of survival have turned to a dependency on convenience stores, grocery stores, and warehouse supply chains. Try a healthy lifestyle for 30 days. Chances are you won’t want to go back to the old way ever again. When you feel healthier and are healthier you start to become happier in life. And a happy, healthy life is what we’re all in pursuit of. Everyone except Monsanto of course, they’re just about profit.

Here are just a few of the chemical additives that Monsanto has been proven to be guilty of adding to consumer food.

  • Alachlor aka Lasso weedkiller formula 
  • Glyphosate aka Roundup Herbicide
  • Dioxin aka Agent Orange




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