Monsanto Now Protected Thanks to Obama

In some, not so shocking news story President Barack Hussein Obama yet further helps to destroy the country, nation, and the world by signing a protection act for the bio-agricultural giant Monsanto. Now these individuals can no longer be drug into the court system and held accountable for their horrendous actions of poisoning the world. Through GMO and other processes, they have created and continue to stock our shelves with food that, in fact, make us sick and kill us.

These foods give us cancer, diabetes, and many other illnesses. All of these illnesses help to drive the medical industry which is one of the largest backers of this bio-agricultural firm. The fact that they are a bio-agricultural firm should warn everybody. Just the opposite, however, America has embraced Monsanto, and you will find it located up and down the shelves of every aisle in your grocery store or supermarket. This includes all the brands you love the most and the food you buy from the meat and deli. Unless you are very particular and specific about what you are purchasing, you are buying poison.

There are many individuals who have tried to stand up to this bio-agricultural giant who have failed. Continue to eat store-bought foods grown in the masses by biochemists and agricultural engineers and your health will start to deteriorate. We have to eat the foods that are in the store today because many of us cannot afford to buy Organic & Natural Foods. This is part our fault and part societies. We should be growing our own food or buying it from the local farmer, not the mass store to start with. Unfortunately, we have been institutionalized to the conformity of a nine-to-five 7-Eleven or other style shift work life. If we don’t make a change, none of this will matter because we won’t be here to make a change anymore. Stand up to these evil bio-agricultural giants while we can.

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