Movies Are Meant to Be Enjoyed Not Criticized


This just in that movie wasn’t real! Movies today are nothing like movies in the past. They have reached a point that many require them to be as realistic as can be. The simple joy and cinematic pleasure of sitting back and allowing your mind to relax and enjoy a good story, plot twists, or a happily ever after seems like a thing of the past these days. Critics will tear somebody’s work apart saying they would have done this differently and that differently yet the only thing differently they’re doing is criticizing one person after another. Movies today do not hold the same passion that they held in the past as the actors and actresses use double for just about everything imaginable.

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In the past actors had to know everything from singing, dancing, comedy, improv, and just about everything else imaginable in order to make it in the movie industry. Today just about any douche pickle with a pretty face can become an actor or actress. There are a bunch of talentless individuals running around out there today claiming to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Many will agree that they don’t even hold the flicker of a flame when compared to some of the great actors and actresses of the past. People today also get caught up in the false reality of movies starting to believe that they are real. This becomes dangerous and perceptions for individuals that have weak minds. Remember folks it’s just a movie. Allow yourself to be entertained. Don’t look for every detail to tear it apart. Simply enjoy it!


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