Mr Freeze and Jack Frost Reportedly Froze a Car


Perhaps you are one that does not believe in superheroes and evil maniacal villains. If that’s the case then here’s something that might change your mind. Mr. Freeze from the Batman movies is real and had an epic battle with other members of the Justice League just a few days ago. Reportedly Jack Frost and Mr. Freeze were seen together hanging out at a local spot in New York during the huge winter snow storm that ended up pounding New York with up to a foot of snow in some areas. After a late night at a popular New York nightspot, Mr. Freeze and Jack Frost got into an argument with Captain America and Thor. There was said to be a harsh exchange of words and apparently Mr. Freeze had a gun on him and fired a freeze ray at Captain America. This would be battle of what some are calling the Justice League ended up in an innocent bystander’s car being frozen into a complete block of ice! Luckily there were no people around at the time of this incident that were injured. The reports of these stories come from a homeless man that was searching for food in garbage cans located by the water. So if you are out clubbing on the town in New York and happened to see what looks like Mr. Freeze and Jack Frost, perhaps you might try a different night club because these two really defined a different meaning when it comes to chilling out!


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